52.5″ Giant Pike caught at Wollaston Lake Lodge!

June 17, 2015 | admin Posted in Blog

A new lodge record was caught and released yesterday. Jim has been a client with us for several years and was the lucky angler who landed this true trophy. Many anglers have dreamt of catching such a fish.  To actually understand the rarity of a Northern Pike of these proportions, one has to take into account that in the 40+ years the lodge has been in existence, this is the largest pike we have record of. A true testament to catch-and-release fishing, gentle handling of these fish and selective harvest.  We can only imagine what truly lives in these waters and will do everything in our power to retain it’s quality and opportunity to “Catch A Memory” at Wollaston Lake Lodge.

52.5" Trophy Northern Pike

52.5″ Trophy Northern Pike

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