Day 73 – Fitting end to the season

Our fishing has been excellent this season. The last group ended the day with several fish in the ‘trophy’ category. Each person has their personal best and, for some, it is just a number. For others, its an obsession. Regardless, we cherish each encounter with these beautiful creatures that God has put on this earth (more…)

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Day 72 – Our friends

Greg has been a long time friend of Wollaston Lake Lodge. His enthusiasm for all things Wollaston is contagious. He has spread the word to everyone who will listen and always has good things to say about us and what we do. The wholehearted endorsement of our hard work is fulfilling. We all impatiently wait (more…)

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Day 71 – Things we see

“The world is awash in photos” – N. Clasen. Things we see in our lives are now captured in pictures. With cameras everywhere and easily accessible, we seem to take things for granted. Everything thing from our kids to our parking spots are recorded with the ease of reaching into our pockets and snapping a (more…)

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Day 70 – Home again

John returned ‘home’ again for his second trip to the Lodge this year. He has become a great friend to us all and LOVES big pike. Day 2 was fulfilled with the AWESOME 48″ monster pike. Welcome back home John!

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Day 69 – Worth the trip

Our last group of the year arrived to some cooler weather and hungry fish. Typical for our late season fishing, the pike are on the hunt for their winter stores and sometime making ferocious strikes boatside. David started his trip with this awesome photo of his 45″ trophy northern pike. It looks like the rip (more…)

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