Catching Trophy Pike in July?

July 30, 2014 | admin Posted in Blog

Catching Trophy Pike in July?

I’ve heard it said that the ‘dog days of summer’ are not the first choice in searching for trophy northern pike. Although they can be hot, the fish are still accessible. As the water warms our bays and the young weed beds begin to stretch toward the surface, our pike move in and out of them searching for their next meal. The key to successful pike fishing at this time of year is knowing where to look. Hidden cabbage beds in areas that are out of the way and seemingly devoid of fish can hold these predators in numbers. The baitfish start hiding in them as soon as they can and stay there until water temps and weather push them out. The big pike are right behind them. Presentations may have to be deeper in the water column so that the lure is just tickling the tops of the new weeds. Changing location and tactics of fishing at this time can lead to some great success. As you can see by these July caught trophy northern pike pictures, the ‘dog days’ aren’t bad at all!

trophy northern pike

Trophies can be caught in the ‘dog days’ of summer!


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