Day 11 – Things we see

June 21, 2017 | admin Posted in Blog

Some of the adventure for our guests is traveling to a part of the world that is visually different from what they see every day at home. Our northern boreal forest is home to many forms of wildlife. Black bears, wolves, bald eagles, otters, osprey, caribou, the list goes on. It’s a treat to include North America’s largest member of the deer family, the Canadian Moose. While the bulls are busy growing their antlers for the breeding-right battles this fall, we occasionally see the results of a healthy population when we happen upon a cow with her calf. Even more spectacular is seeing a cow with TWIN calves at her side. Sometimes we just have to put down the fishing rod and enjoy nature’s beauty. What a sight our anglers had today, giving them chance to see something rarely seen and create a lifelong memory.

Female moose with twin calves

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