Day 15 – The Great Outdoors at Wollaston Lake Lodge

June 25, 2016 | admin Posted in Blog

Young Zach enjoys the city life. He enjoys all of the things that collect around a metropolitan area. Although one can find enjoyable man-made things in those areas, a person has a hard time finding the natural world there. We are far from a ‘roughing  it’ experience, but we are still a place where you can touch, smell and see the wilderness. These things have an attraction all unto themselves that draw people in. For some folks, these are the things in life that are a constant. For example, Zach now knows the spot he had shore-lunch on will be there next time he needs a constant in his life. The lake, trees and, with care, the fish he enjoyed will be here for his lifetime. These will remain a constant he can come back to when the man-made world seems like it’s spinning out of control. The natural release that happens to our guests is part of what draws them back to us year after year.

5 star fishing for trophy northern pike

Zach enjoying the wilderness of Saskatchewan

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