Day 27 – Teach something new

July 7, 2016 | admin Posted in Blog

Part of being a guide is not just taking folks fishing. The experiences that people share in the boat sometimes are just as memorable as the fish they catch.  Teaching someone something new is always a worthy effort. Young Zane is here fishing with his dad and brother. He interest in fly fishing  was sparked so we handed him an Orvis Recon fly rod and taught him to cast. Within minutes he could cast far enough to reach the fish and started catching. This 36″ northern pike on the fly was the fan that has now turned the spark into a flame. This is a great place to learn new things and try different methods of fishing. I think Zane will have this fire burning in him to continue down the path of fly fishing for the rest of his life. Welcome to the family little buddy!

flyfishing kids

Zane’s 36″ pike on the fly his first day of fly fishing

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