Day 32 – First Cast

July 13, 2016 | admin Posted in Blog

I hesitate to share this….but the story is worth it. This just doesn’t happen, but it did. Don is a long time guest of Wollaston Lake Lodge and a very generous man. His easy demeanor and attitude is enjoyable to have in camp and we look forward to seeing him every year. He has shared the Wollaston Experience with both family, friends and co-workers. Getting to know his family and friends has been a real treat for us, so when he started his trip yesterday, we wished him good luck and sent him on his way. After getting rigged up and ready to go, the very first fish he catches is this super monster 49″ trophy northern pike! We have all heard of stories like this before but doubt their validity. We can confirm that lightning does occasionally strike and they are true. It couldn’t of happened to a nicer guy. Congratulations Don, just be careful, it might strike twice!

giant pike caught at wollston lake lodge

First fish of the trip is a 49″ monster northern pike!

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