Day 34 – The reason why

July 15, 2017 | admin Posted in Blog

The magic of Wollaston Lake Lodge doesn’t come easy. Planning our season for 9 months takes a dedicated staff of some brilliant people and a lot of hard work. Producing that experience takes even more talented folks, a whole team as a matter-of-fact. We asked ourselves ‘why’ this year. It’s good to step back and see the reason for all of this work. Our ‘why’ is to provide an exceptional experience for our guests so that it will have a positive impact on their lives. The photo in today’s blog is just that. At 90 years of age, Jack aka “Large” is here fishing with 3 generations of family. Obviously he has created many memorable occasions with them over the years, and we have the honor of helping them create even more. Welcome to our family boys!

Grandpa Jack aka “Large” is living ‘large at Wollaston Lake Lode

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