Day 38 – Reality Check

July 19, 2016 | admin Posted in Blog

Sometimes we make it look so easy, or expected. This incredible fishery has produced


Brett’s earned new personal best at 48.5″

thousands of memories for people over the years. It’s kinda like watching a fishing show on TV. Every show, the host lands a multiple giants and it gives the viewer no sense of what it takes to achieve those fish. This fishery will also spoil a new guest within minutes of catching his or her personal best. Some of our first time clients go up the ‘inch’ ladder of fish size so fast they tend to lose touch with reality. This man KNOWS what it takes to reach a new personal best. Brett has been a loyal guest of the lodge since our new ownership 17 years ago. In fact, he has fished with us multiple times on most years and is currently on his 22nd trip here at Wollaston Lake Lodge. His personal best has been 46″ for quite some time. It’s great to see someone improve their PB and really appreciate what it takes to get there. The right weather conditions, time, water temp, willing fish and skill all combined today to help him move that bar to 48.5″ No one was more due than he was and we are all celebrating with him. Congrats bud, you deserved it.

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