Day 51 – A lake trout tug-of-war

July 31, 2017 | admin Posted in Blog

Some times crazy things happen on the water. Steve and Dan were fishing for lake trout today. While trolling along suddenly one of the has a great strike. As it often happens the guide will stop the boat and have the other angler reel-in. Suddenly he gets a massive strike as well! Now the entire boat is about to get busy, both guests start fighting the hard pulling lakers. Back and forth the fight went on from one side of the boat to the other. Each angler has ‘really got a good one’ on the line. As they near the boat, our guide is trying to decide which one to net first since they both appear to be a great laker. Suddenly one surfaces just behind the boat and they realize, they have been fighting the same fish the entire time! They both caught a great lake trout and have the witnessed story to tell. Great teamwork guys!

One fish, two fishermen!

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