Day 58 – Fanning the fire

August 7, 2016 | admin Posted in Blog

12year old River is on his second trip to Wollaston Lake Lodge this week. He LOVES fishing and  he is here again with his father, grandfather and brother. He is quite the young man who is interested in all aspects of catching fish. Since his last visit he has taken up fly fishing. Tying his own flies for bass and panfish at home has now advanced to pike on the fly. Using our guest fly bench,  he designed and tied his own fly for fishing the next day. Excited to see his own handiwork in action, we handed him an Orvis Recon rod and as you can see by the following picture, succeeded in catching some great pike. A true trophy, his first pike on the fly he tied, will be a memory for life. I’m sure this won’t be his last. In fact, he’s fly fishing right now! Teach ’em young and fan the fire……

River's first pike on the fly at 12 yrs old

River’s first pike on the fly at 12 yrs old

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