Day 71 – Things we see

August 21, 2017 | admin Posted in Blog

“The world is awash in photos” – N. Clasen. Things we see in our lives are now captured in pictures. With cameras everywhere and easily accessible, we seem to take things for granted. Everything thing from our kids to our parking spots are recorded with the ease of reaching into our pockets and snapping a picture. Every now and then, one of those photos just stands out amongst the others. It’s difficult to sort through our lives in images and see one that is just special. Barry, our fisherman here in the photo, has a trophy pike on the fly rod. The excitement of pike fishing is difficult to capture and when we do get a photo likes this we want to share it with you. This 44″er was landed and release after another quick pic with the angler and his guide. Let’s not take things for granted and enjoy these moments and the people we share them with.

Pike on the fly!

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