Day 8 – Pigtails and pike

June 19, 2017 | admin Posted in Blog

I love it when families come together and share their time with us. On Day 8, Lauren was fishing with her Dad and happened across a fish that would become the ‘family best’. Her Grandfather has shared Wollaston Lake Lodge with his children and grandchildren for many years. That being said, having the ‘family best’ length on a northern pike puts the number up into the monster category. Lauren loves to fish and ‘luck is a lady’ again comes through for the girls. Sharing this place with his family is really what is important for Grandpa Don, and really, the number is only a number. Even when it’s 49.5″ long. Lucky little Lauren, in her pigtails and all, out-caught even the boys.

Lucky Lauren with her 49.5″ trophy northern pike

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