How to Choose a Fishing Lodge

A Fishing Lodge Is An Important Decision

Make The Right One

For anyone who wants to fish, there are two primary choices he or she can make to go about it. The first, and most popular, is taking day trips to fishing spots. That usually means waking up incredibly early and driving to a far off spot that has fishing. You’ll also have to make time to stop for bait and tackle and snacks and coffee. Once you finally get to the location, there’s a good chance it will be already overrun with other fishing enthusiasts with the same idea. Another option is the fishing lodge route. Instead of having to worry about crowds of people and a small population of fish to go around, people who visit a fishing lodge get exclusive access to a particular lake, or segment of a lake. Room and board are often included, so a trip to the fishing lodge can be more of an extended trip.

But just how do you choose a fishing lodge? Is any random fishing lodge going to be good enough?

You definitely need to be selective. Just as hotels and motels vary in quality and customer service, so do fishing lodges. To figure out exactly what fishing lodge is perfect for you, ask yourself a few basic questions.

Do you want to be cold, miserable, and dirty all week long? If so, Wollaston Lake Fishing Lodge isn’t for you – we’re outfitted with modern cabins, hot showers, luxurious bedding, and a quality club house with Internet connections and gourmet chefs.

Do you want great fishing and comfortable living? If so, Wollaston Lake Fishing Lodge is perfect for you. Wollaston lake is full of Arctic Grayling, Walleye, Northern Pike, and Lake Trout, and we keep guest numbers low so that you never feel crowded on the water. At the same time, you stay warm and comfortable after your fishing expeditions.

Our trained staff will provide assistance to the inexperienced, and they’ll leave you alone if you know what you’re doing. The luxurious accommodations mean you can drag along your uninterested spouse without worrying about their enjoyment. Wollaston Lake Fishing Lodge is perfect for experts and newbies alike.

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