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Plenty of Fish For All

One of the main reasons people go fishing is to get away from it all. For some, fishing is almost a spiritual experience: the early, pre-dawn rising; the solemnity of being alone on a perfectly still lake; the careful methodology of preparing your bait; the life-and-death battle between you and your opponent, a battle that harkens back to our early hard-scrabble life where we actually had to wrest our survival from the grasp of nature itself. Wollaston Lake Lodge Saskatchewan fishing, in particular, manages to capture the essence of this feeling in a way that most modern fishing lodges simply can’t achieve. You see, because fishing has become more of a sport than a way of life, so many of the popular fishing spots are packed full of people – too many people for the amount of fish these places usually contain.

The first thing you’ll notice about Saskatchewan fishing at Wollaston Lake Lodge is the serene tranquility. The surrounding environment is so pure, so utterly natural, that you forget you’re even at a modern lodge. Of course, when you arrive at the lodge proper, you’ll quickly see that you’re at a decidedly modern, luxurious fishing lodge with all the trappings: gourmet restaurant, big screen TV, raging fireplaces, high-speed Internet connection. But once you get out on the lake, you quickly realize that this is Saskatchewan fishing at its finest and purest.

A beautiful, calm lake containing teeming populations of Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, and Walleye – all at your disposal when you enjoy Lake Wollaston’s Saskatchewan fishing. And despite our quality service, we limit our visitors so that each one of our guests is able to enjoy a measure of solitude. Moreover, those who you do meet will be likeminded, kindred spirits, anglers of all kinds dedicated to the art of Saskatchewan fishing, people with whom you will find much in common as you troll the depths of Lake Wollaston.

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