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True Peace, True Serenity

Oh, sure, we’d all like to be out in the middle of nowhere, not a soul in sight, on a dugout canoe we made ourselves while hauling in Arctic Grayling or Lake Trout. It’s a romantic idea, but nowadays it’s getting more and more difficult than ever to achieve that kind of environment. For most people, fishing is now all about overcrowded lakes and rivers with increasingly lower populations of fish to actually catch. Even Saskatchewan fishing, long considered to be the cream of the crop, is suffering with the renewed popularity. As it stands today, there are few remaining bastions of true Saskatchewan fishing.

Luckily for you, a few places still remain. Wollaston Lake’s fishing lodge is one such location where you can still enjoy the beauty and serenity of Saskatchewan fishing without all the crowds and lack of fish mucking up the experience. Unlike other places, the guest list is kept to a relative minimum, and the lake itself is large, so there’s never any issues with overcrowding or lack of fish to catch. On the contrary, our fish populations are healthy and robust, and feature a veritable grand slam of Saskatchewan fishing: Arctic Grayling, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, and Walleye. It’s rare that you find all four of those fish in large numbers in any other Saskatchewan fishing location, but it’s an everyday occurrence at Wollaston Lake.

But Wollaston Lake is more than just great Saskatchewan fishing; it also represents the perfect confluence of fishing and luxury. You’re out there catching huge fish and enjoying the serenity of nature, and at the end of the day you don’t have to go back to your normal life full of traffic and work. You go back to your luxurious cabin. You get to remain in the environment and soak up all the beauty while retaining the creature comforts – hot showers, warm bedding, an Internet connection – of modern life.

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