The Premier Luxury Fishing Lodge

Awesome Fishing,Excellent Accommodations.

Fish in Luxury

For most people, fresh water fishing conjures up images of getting up at the crack of dawn, driving for hours only to stand knee-deep in a muddy lake or, if you were lucky, to float in a dingy little boat with a leak, munching on soggy sandwiches while hoping for just one measly little bite. You’d return home – more often than not – with an empty creel and fantasies of aluxury fishing lodgeswirling around your head. You might even go so far as to imagine just what a luxury fishing lodge would include.

As fishers, people assume we prefer everything dirty, cold, and uncomfortable. And I’ll admit – there’s a certain honor to getting up early and hitting the lake, weather be damned. But we like comfort, too! That’s why we created Lake Wollaston Lodge, with its luxurious cabins, modern amenities, and attentive team of wait-staff. We like to sum up the Lake Wollaston Lodge experience with four words: Awesome fishing, excellent accommodations.

The Fish

Located in Canada’s serene northern wilderness, Lake Wollaston is teeming with Northern Pike, Lake trout, Walleye and Arctic Grayling. Anglers from all over the continent visit us for our unrivaled fish population; they know that after fighting huge salmon and trout all day on the water, they’ll be able to relax and repose in our luxury fishing lodge.

The Amenities

Not your normal fishing lodge, the Lake Wollaston Lodge is outfitted with private cabins with all the creature comforts you’d expect from a traditional resort: private bathrooms, hot showers, thick terry towels, flannel sheets, refrigerator, heater. And after spending a long day at the lake, there’s nothing better than relaxing with a real Cuban cigar from our humidor and a quality single malt from our full-service bar, a hot stone massage, or some time in our hot sauna. If you need to check your email or catch the big game, head on over to our main lodge for big-screen satellite TV and high speed Internet access.

Look, we get it. Just like you, we’ve paid our dues and sat out on a lake while our boat fills with rain just to get that slippery Northern Pike that keeps eluding us, but sometimes even we want to sit back and relax. Here at Lake Wollaston Lodge, our staff outnumbers the guests. We’ll pour your drink, fix your food, tie your flies, and even give you a massage. The only you have to do is catch the fish and enjoy your time with us.

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