Wollaston Lake: Home to Some of the Biggest Fish

Wollaston Lake: Luxury And Great Fishing

Wollaston Lake Lodge Makes the Perfect Getaway

If you’re sick and tired of getting up at the crack of dawn, swilling some tasteless coffee, getting your fishing gear together and spending your entire day out on a shallow lake waiting for something, anything to bite, perhaps the fishing at Wollaston Lake in beautiful Saskatchewan, Canada is the solution you’re after. At Wollston Lake, you don’t have to worry about the massive overcrowding, the paltry fish populations, or the discarded beer cans floating on the surface of other fishing spots. Fishing at Wollaston Lake is a sublime experience, effectively combining the rough and tumble ruggedness of the great outdoors with the exclusivity, luxury, and comfort of a fine hotel.

Our cabins are outfitted with all the modern necessities: hot showers, warm flannel sheets, mini fridge, thick terry cloth towels, and thermostat-controlled heating. Instead of driving three hours after catching a 6 incher, yawning all the way and dirty and disheveled, now you can simply relax in your hot shower while reflecting on all the massive Northern Pike and Lake Trout you caught that day. We don’t sacrifice the purity and essence of the act of fishing, but at Wollaston Lake Lodge we do make it considerably more luxurious and comfortable.

A larger fish population plus less fishing traffic equals the perfect fishing experience. It is upon that concept that Wollaston Lake Lodge is founded, and our many repeat customers seem to appreciate it. After all, when you have guests catching enormous Arctic Grayling, monumental Lake Trout, furious Northern Pike, and fighting Walleye on an everyday basis, it’s obvious that your lake is something special. Wollaston Lake fishing is perfect for both the experienced sport fisherman and his inexperienced buddy. The expert won’t get bored because of lack of bites, and the beginner will actually get experience making catches.

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