Prices / Schedule

2017 Fishing Schedule
Arrive to Winnipeg Depart to Lodge Return to Winnipeg
JUNE Friday 9th Saturday 10th Wednesday 14th
Tuesday 13th Wednesday 14th Sunday 18th
Saturday 17th Sunday 18th Thursday 22nd
Wednesday 21st Thursday 22nd Monday 26th
Sunday 25th Monday 26th Friday 30th
Thursday 29th Friday 30th Tuesday 4th
JULY Monday 3rd Tuesday 4th Saturday 8th
Friday 7th Saturday 8th Wednesday 12th
Tuesday 11th Wednesday 12th Sunday 16th
Saturday 15th Sunday 16th Thursday 20th
Wednesday 19th Thursday 20th Monday 24th
Sunday 23rd Monday 24th Friday 28th
Thursday 27th Friday 28th Tuesday 1st
Monday 31st Tuesday 1st Saturday 5th
AUGUST Friday 4th Saturday 5th Wednesday 9th
Tuesday 8th Wednesday 9th Sunday 13th
Saturday 12th Sunday 13th Thursday 17th
5 Days of Fishing Wednesday 16th Thursday 17th Tuesday 22nd
$ 5400.00 per person
4 days of guided fishing (5 days / 5 nights)
$ 9800.00 per person
8 days of guided fishing (9 days / 9 nights)
For more information please contact us at or at 1-800-328-0628.

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