Trophy Pike in August

August 12, 2014 | admin Posted in Blog

Each year we are constantly asked “when is the best time to come”. It all depends on what the guest is looking for. Each month of our season brings unique aspects to our fishing. An example would be where we catch them. If you follow our BragBoard and look through the different dates of the trips, you’ll notice that we catch trophies June, July, AND August. The weed beds have developed into prime hunting grounds for the huge pike and the smaller ones are scared to become someone else’s meal do to the cannibals lurking around. It’s not too uncommon for our guests to get a chance to witness this first hand. Some times, it’s boat-side! August fishing for trophy northern pike has some of the strikes occurring right off the tip of your rod. Giant pike slam into your bait at the last second, coming out of nowhere, to wreak havoc on your nerves and equipment.  These huge predators are starting their annual feed before the temperatures start plunging their environment into a five month long winter. Our guests who fish with us at this time have learned to appreciate this and are treated to other late season treats like the regular viewing of the northern lights a.k.a. aurora borealis and cool August nights.  August trophy northern pike fishing can be spectacular!

trophy northern pike,wollaston lake lodge

August pike fishing.


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