World class trophy lake trout fishing!

July 18, 2014 | admin Posted in Blog

Over the history of Wollaston Lake Lodge, the primary targeted species has become the thrill of watching a giant northern pike slam into your lure in crystal clear water. Least we not forget why the lodge was built originally at this location. Giant lake trout swim these waters and raise their heads occasionally to those with the desire to catch a true monster lake trout. Recently we have more of our guests take the time to find these trophy lake trout and are successful in fighting them to the boat for a quick picture and a safe release. Studies have shown that these fish old old, really old. Some have been aged at over 50 years old. If the desire is there for you, the fish are here!

giant lake trout,trophy pi

A few of the giant lake trout caught at Wollaston Lake Lodge.

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