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In the remote reaches of Canada’s serene northern wilderness lies one of the best freshwater fisheries in the entire world – the incomparable Wollaston Lake. More than 100 miles long and 400 feet deep, Wollaston and its surrounding lakes attract seasoned anglers with vast populations of trophy fish of four distinct species: northern pike, lake trout, arctic grayling and walleye. The Grand Slam of freshwater fishing.

And the magnificence of the fishery is matched only by the beauty and comfort of its premier destination — Wollaston Lake Lodge. Situated at the mouth of the Umpherville River, the Lodge is a spectacular retreat that is fully staffed to meet your highest expectations—and then some. Whatever your needs, you will be treated to an experience that you’d expect from any exceptional destination resort.

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51″ Trophy Northern Pike

If you follow this blog you may recall me mentioning Lady Luck. She is truly fickle and yet gracious to those few she visits. Delores has fished with us several times in the past few years and enjoys the Wollaston Family and the experiences we share with each other. This catch is a result of  the TEAMWORK we stress here at the lodge. By sharing information amongst each other, opportunities like this GIANT 51″ northern pike are likely to occur. Spotted by one guide, shared information to another, and the final location drilled down by two more. Delores being in the right place at the right time culminated in the photo you see below. Of course these 30 lb. leviathans  have to exist in the waters you fish and the teamwork to provide these opportunities must be in place, but when they are, a fish of a lifetime can be your memory of a lifetime.

30lb trophy northern pike

Dee’s 30 lb.  51″ x 22″ Trophy Northern