Fly Fishing

Take fly-casting to the next level

Fly Tying

Few things stir the blood of a born angler like a powerful Northern Pike in hot pursuit of a fly or an Arctic Grayling battling you and your 5-weight rod in fast moving water. In the spring or fall, you can match wits with Lake Trout that are numerous and ravenous. Our Orvis Endorsed guides are experienced at guiding fly fishermen and our boats have huge casting decks with plenty of room to maneuver.

If you’ve ever dreamt of tangling with a huge pike or lake trout on the fly, we have the expertise to accomplish that goal. Our program includes the use of a Orvis flyrod for those who have the desire to learn. And our complimentary fly-tying desk is at your disposal if you’d like to create a fly of your own design.

Wollaston Lake Lodge is pleased to be partnered with Orvis and the Orvis Endorsed Lodge program. At this time, there are less than 10 lodges in Canada that have met the Orvis Endorsed Lodge criteria. We are proud of our traditions of outstanding fishing and first-rate service, and we feel that this program fits in nicely with our philosophy. At Wollaston Lake Lodge, we look forward to a productive partnership with Orvis, now and in the future.

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