Prepare for War

Pike FishWollaston Lake is considered by many to be the ultimate in Northern Pike fishing. This plentiful and voracious fighter is readily available from 6 to 12 pounds. Wollaston’s unique ability to produce large numbers of 20 to 30 pound trophy Northern Pike has made it a legend in the angling world. Trophy Northern Pike are available throughout our fishing season. Although seasonal patterns change for excellent pike fishing, our knowledgeable guides stay in touch with the trophy Northern Pike every day.

Pike are known for their ability to attack from out of nowhere. Unsuspecting prey fish and lures receive a viscous strike from the side. Pike have the ability to eat other fish up to 2/3rd’s their own length. Think what a 50" fish can eat! Their speed, bad attitude, and faceful of teeth make them one the most entertaining game fish in the world.

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